Falkängen's Sustainability Development

Here at Falkängen, we continuously work to reduce environmental impact to contribute to sustainability that benefits not only us but the entire area. We are locally engaged and collaborate with both local actors and associations.

Sustainable Travel

Getting to us is very easy by train. At the train station, there is a charging station for those arriving by electric car. We have bicycles available for rent for our guests as well as for visitors to the area. Getting to us is also easy by boat, and if you arrive by bike on the Vänerleden, the trail goes right through Falkängen. Once here, you can easily reach several dining options and attractions by both bike and train.

More visitors on quieter days

We offer hiking and cycling packages with overnight stays and encourage our guests to add an extra night and stay longer. During peak season, we lower the accommodation price on quieter days of the week to spread out visitors in the area more evenly.

Our efforts for reduced environmental impact

In the accommodation section, we largely use interior details that are purchased second-hand or at auctions. The kitchen equipment in the apartments is also sourced this way. We facilitate guests to sort their own waste by providing bins in each accommodation. Whenever possible, we purchase locally sourced and organic products for breakfast and complement them with items from our small village shop. Our cleaning and paper products are eco-labeled. We decorate with flowers from our own garden whenever available.

Employment opportunities for local residents

Our houses date back to the turn of the century and require a lot of care. We work with local craftsmen who assist us with sustainable and gentle building maintenance.